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Order of Authorized Recycler of Medical Imaging Devices under PC& PNDT Act " along with Gazette Notification for the Disposal of condemned Medical Imaging devices ( USG, CT, MRI, PET) as e-waste under E-Waste ( Management) Rules, 2022 under PC& PNDT Act
Gazette notification of 19 institutes under PC& PNDT Act for Six months training rules, 2014 and amended dated 26.6.2020   
Final result alongwith list of qualified candidates and marks obtained in the Competency Based Assessment, under the PC& PNDT Act
 The detailed list of candidates along with the venue and date for practical exam of Competency Based Assessment under PNDT Cell      
List of provisionally eligible candidates for Competency Based Assessment, under the PC& PNDT Act   
 Date of Examination for Competency Based Assessment, under the PC& PNDT Act    
 Extension of date for the submission of application form for Competency Based Assessment    
Competency Based Assessment, under the PC& PNDT Act   
Form A - application for registration/ renewal  of registration of a genetic counselling centre/genetic centre/genetic laboratory/genetic clinic/ultrasound clinic/imaging center under PC & PNDT Act.
Form of application for registration/ renewal   for manufacturers, retailers, distributors, importers, dealers and technicians dealing in sale, buyback or repair of Ultrasonography/ Imaging machines in Delhi under PC & PNDT Act. 
Order in r/o Online Registration under PC & PNDT Act
Sex ratio of Delhi at birth – Civil Registration System Data
Regarding GFR 2020 six month training
Informer reward scheme under PC & PNDT Act, 1994
"Registered Centers under PC & PNDT Act"
Registration of CT/ MRI/ BScan clinics
Public Notice under PC & PNDT Act
Registration of Centers providing Echo Cardiography services under PC & PNDT Act
Maintaining records of Dilatation and Curettage (D & C) procedures
Maintaining of Ante Natal Care( ANC) records
Identity Proof with address mandatory for ultrasonography & other prenatal diagnostic tests & procedures in Antenatal cases (Pregnancy) under PC & PNDT Act
Registration of Veterinary clinics
Reconstituted District Advisory Committees of all 11 Districts in Delhi
Reconstitution of State Supervisory Board under PC & PNDT Act
Order of Hon'ble Supreme Court in the matter of VHAP Vs UOI & Ors. dated 15/04/2015
Clarification regarding the use of Portable Ultrasound Machine / Portability of Ultrasound machines and fixing of portable ultrasound machine
Registration of Manufacturer, Dealer, Importer, Retailer, Distributor or technician dealing in sale/ purchase or any other transaction of the Ultrasound Machines / Imaging Machine or any other equipment capable of detecting sex of the foetus under PC & PNDT Act
Annual report final 2013-14
Amendment regarding fees, intimation of change of employee under PC & PNDT Act
Compilation and Analysis of Case Laws on Pre Conception and Pre natal Diagnostics Techniques (Prohibition of Sex Selection) Act, 1994
Amendment regarding seal and seizure of machine in unregistered centers 2.6.2011
Amendment regarding regulation of portable machine 7.2.2012
Beti Shakti Abhiyan 2013-14
Beti Shakti Abhiyan 2012-13
Posters and Poems by school children
Workshops PC PNDT
Important judgments under PC PNDT Act
District Advisory Committee under PC PNDT
Appropriate Authority under PC PNDT Act
New Amendments Six month Training Rules
New Amendments code of conduct notification
New Amendments Form  Amended
List of registered Manufacturers/ Distributor/ Refurbisher/Retailer/ Importer etc.