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Order related to Covid Hospital/Facility

Reg corrigendum for per day salary Dt 06 May 05/06/2021
Order for IGH declared as Covid Facility Dt 08 May 05/08/2021
Order reg all non covid hospitals of GNCTD engage medical staff including doctors nurses and para-medical staff on cotract basis 05/09/2021
Corrigendum reg linkage of various CCCs and CHCs to hospital under GNCTD Dt 09 May 05/09/2021
Order Reg Covid facilities in Delhi will provide food to all the staff Dt 11 May 05/11/2021
Order Regarding NITRD designated as covid hospital 05/12/2021
Order Reg Report of Mucormycosis Case Data Dt 26 May 05/26/2021
Reg payment for food and transportation Dated 03 Jun 06/03/2021
Order reg issuance of Glucometer with 50 strips Dt 04 Jun 06/04/2021

Oxygen Supply Report

Report on Liquid Medical Oxygen Dt 14 May 05/14/2021
Updated Distribution report of special supplies received by Delhi wef 1 May onwards 05/19/2021
Order reg transportation cost for Oxygen Inhalation DT 25 May 05/25/2021

Designated Nodal Officer and Miscellaneous Orders

Order of Sh Gurpal Singh DANICS and Sh Manoj Kumar Dwivedi DANICS Dt 01 May 01st May 2021
IAS Ms Sonal Swaroop designated as nodal officer JSSH Dt 02 May 02nd May 2021
Order of Ms Harleen Kaur IAS as OSD to Pr Secy HFW 02-May-21
Office Order of Sh Nikhil Kumar IAS assigning the charge of Drug Controller 03 May 03-May-21
Office Order of Ms Harleen Kaur IAS of incharge Covid 19 testing Dt 06 May 06-May-21
Office Order of Sh D Verma DANICS of Arranging Vaccine Logistics Dt 06 May 06-May-21
Order regarding Updation of corona app as frequently as feasible 06 May 06-May-21
COVID-19- Guidelines of Dead Body Management dt 27-04-2021 07-May-21
COVID-19- Guidelines of Dead Body Management 07-May-21
Order regarding rates for hiring manpower for a block of 50 beds Dt 07 May 07-May-21
Order clarification of hours in one shift may be read as 8 hours Dt 07 May 07-May-21
Order of Sh E Raja Babu reg Oxygen Cylinder Allocation Cell Dt 08 May 08-May-21
Order reg Nodal Officers for Delhi Government Hospital for COVID19 Management Dt 09 May 09-May-21
list of counselors at DLSAs 12-May-21
Order Reg additional work allocation to officers Dt 13 May 13-May-21
Order Ex Gratia for HCWs died due to COVID Dt 14 May 14-May-21
Order Work allocation of Sh Sandeep Mishra Spl Secy HFW Dt 15 May 15-May-21
Order regarding leaves to medical and non medical staff Dt 16 May 16-May-21
Order DDMA 423 Extension of Lockdown till 24th May 2021 Dt 16 May 16-May-21
Revised Home Isolation guidelines in reference Dt 28 Apr 2021 by DGHS DT 18 May 18-May-21
Order PSMS Hospital KalKaji designated as a COVID health center Dt 19 May 19-May-21
List of Tele Consultancy Services
Additional List of Verified Tele Consultation Services 05/19/2021
Order reg committee for preparing the Third Wave Action Plan for augmenting the Health Infrastructure Component 27-May-21
Order Reg State Level Expert Committee Dt 27 May 27-May-21
Order Reg staff engaged in vaccination duty at the CVCs Dt 31 May 31-May-21
Order Reg Committee to Study the Central Triaging System of Mumbai and Bengaluru Dt 01 Jun 01-Jun-21
Reg Committee on Paediatrics Task Force Dt 04 Jun 04-Jun-21
Order Reg Committee to suggest various aspects of medical manpower management DT 07 Jun 07-Jun-21
Order High Court Direction regarding to collect information from patients at time of admission by Hospitals Dt 24 Jun 24-Jun-21
Order For nominate 02 officer for 3rd Wave Action Plan Committee Dt 25 Jun 25-Jun-21
Order DDMA 445 Opening of Activities Dt 26 June 26-Jun-21
Order De Escalation of COVID Beds in Delhi Govt Hospitals Dt 28 Jun 28-Jun-21
Compliance of review preparedness for the expected third wave in the meeting Honble CM Delhi 29-Jun-21
Order DDMA 447 Opening of Activities Dt 04 July 04-Jul-21
Reg letter regarding security concern of health care workers Dt 19 Jul 19-Jul-21
Order MSs MDs Director may Grant requisite leave to the staff Dt 20 Jul 20-Jul-21
Reminder Compliance of decision taken for review preparedness for expected third wave Dt 30 Jul 30-Jul-21
Order Fixation of RTPCR test Rates in Pvt Labs in Delhi Dt 04 Aug 04-Aug-21
DDMA Order No 463 Dt 30 Aug 30-Aug-21
Order escalation plan for GNCTD hospital for Pediatric Covid Patients beds to prepare for potential covid wave Dt 31 Aug 31-Aug-21
Order Nodal Officers for Delhi Govt hospitals for Covid-19 Management Dt 03 Sep 03-Sep-21
Revised Order of Nodal Officers for Delhi Government Hospital for COVID 19 Management Dt 6 Sep 06-Sep-21
Order for Repatriate of Sr Nursing Officers with Annexures Dt 08 Sep 08-Sep-21
Order Engaging medical staff on contract basis Dt 29 Sep 29-Sep-21
Tilak Nagar colony hospital for covid and linked dghs Order Dt 29 Sep 29-Sep-21
DDMA Order No 474 Festivities Dt 30 Sep 30-Sep-21
DDMA Order 479 Reg Vaccination of staff DT 8 Oct 08-Oct-21
Order reg extend the validity of notification Dt 12 03 2020 and notification Dt 13 06 2020 Dt 14 Oct 14-Oct-21
Order regarding reservation of beds for vector borne disease Dt 29 Oct 29-Oct-21
Order for WPC no 7081 titled Riti Sing Verma Vs GNCTD with enclosures Dt 15 Nov 15-Nov-21
Order of guidelines for international travelers in context of new variant Dt 29 Nov 29-Nov-21
Order reg engage nursing and para med staff upto 31 Dec Dt 30 Nov 30-Nov-21
Order Reg adding committee member in Committee related to Oxygen Dt 06 Dec 06-Dec-21
Order for expost facto approval for engagement by Burari hospital Dt 13 Dec 13-Dec-21
Order reg engagement of medical manpower at non COVID hospital Dt 17 Dec 17-Dec-21
Order reg engagement of medical manpower on 25 and 40 percentage on sanctioned strength Dt17 Dec 17-Dec-21
Order regarding engagement of retired nursing personnel Dt 17 Dec 17-Dec-21
Order regarding augment of medical manpower on daily basis Dt 17 Dec 17-Dec-21
DDMA Order No 498 Dt 27 Dec 27-Dec-21
DDMA Order No 500 Level 1 of Alert Dt 28 Dec 28-Dec-21
Order Reg CCC linked with Hospitals for step down facilities for Covid cases Dt 29 Dec 29-Dec-21